“No one has ever become poor by giving” – Anne Frank

This is my opinion for this quotes. i hope it useful..


        I have always admired the quotes of Anne Frank for several reasons and this is one of quotes that make a sense for me. No one has ever become poor by giving means that if we help people for their good and benefit we never turns poor. We will feel more good for helping someone that need our help. For me when we help someone although it is a little we will make their life turns to a colourful life.  If we continue to give, I believe that our understanding of giving will grow. For my an experience, I donated to a poor man that I met at a market and he is so poor. I gave him for only RM 10 and he was really appreciate for my giving and pray for my success.

          Besides that, my opinion is , if we still keep going to give help for people that need our help, God will pay back our kindness with a good things. As long as I can help people I will help them and did not hope for reply and pay back. I am a girl that can’t see people in a poor condition or need my help, I will help them as much as I can. I only hope when I am gone people will remember me and pray back for me. 

NurFarahani bt Zainal


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