TESL : Best Quality of Me

They so many people in the world so it makes so many type of human. each person has their own distintive personality. I am a friendly girl. When people start to know me i am talkative but who doesnt know me they think that im an arrogant person. My best friends also admitted it. All my friends who friends with me said that im friendly. 

 I am friendly like my parents. My father work as caunsellor teacher. inspite being a part of caunsellor teacher neeed him to be friendly to students and parents so it can be easy to communicate. My mother work as a dentist. Working in the service need her to friendly to attract more patient come to her clininc. When i see my parents are friendly, naturally constrained with their attitude. One day, i got a new neighbourhood. I came to them and ask them if need some help. I start to pleasure myself and about my family. i give instruction where the mini market located. They said that i am a friendly girl. 

When im in form 4, there is one girl as a new student. She registared in February. Her name is Izzati Hasrul.She is from Gombak. Next to me there is nobody seat. so i pleasure her to sit besides me. Start from there, i show her the canteen, library and teacher's room. i invited her to come to my house. she said that i am friendly girl. so she are easy to friends with me. i invited her to come to join us for study group and we learn tgether. 


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