YOUNGSTERS. Youngster is a young person. nowadays youth is national precious stone. They were bright . They help in developing our national's economy. unfortunately the younsters now is not use the opportunity with him. they just want to enjoy with their friends. hang out at the mall with their friends. Have a loving couple. they just waste their time!

Youngsters need to rise up their spirit to pretend their country from enemies. They should have a high knowledge. Use all the time wisely. Our youth now love luxury. Their bad manners, disrespect the elders, contradict with their parents and tyrannize their teachers. Their moral now is not like the youngster past.

These days our youngsters seems that flinty reprobate with dirty mind. They only want to enjoy their life without thinking about their future. They smoking, drug and wild sex. They should repaid all their parents merit and take care of them if they were old.


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