what is mean by FRIENDSHIP ?? i have make a google research and it said that friendship is about a RELATIONSHIP between we and our friends.. yeahhh absolutely! for this 4 months in Pre-Diploma i got a lot meaningful, a lot of friends..

okeyy this post i will share about my friendssssss.. My section 1 friends, my new friends and my floor friends.. I am section 1's student. in my class there are about 60 students.. but it was devide with 2 for Amali and Tutorial! .. rinduuu ENCIKK ARIEF NAZRYE! huihui..

here you are! they all are my section friends! i love them very much and now absolutely i miss them a lot! huarghhhhh..

ermmmm on 3 April, we had an Annual Dinner. yg special nya on my belated birthdayyy!and there is a theme colour! the theme is GREEEN! GO GREEN ! GO GREEN! opsss! ahahah.. so here there are th pictures!

dalam masa yg sama ada juga aktiviti luar seperti 1M4U.. alahh masa tu kami di antar ke JB konon nya kena bersihkan dataran  ap eh! lupa lahhh! hahaha.. tp maybe kami dah lambat so dah bersih dah pun dataran tu.. so what we do is just snaped so manyy pictureees!

and finally after four months we are together finally kami hari yg tidak sanggup kami lalui terpksa kami harungi.. HARI KONVOKESYEN a.k.a HARI PERPISAHAN KAMI.. hari itu ada lah hari terakhir kami berjumpa.. amat lah tidak sangka terlalu cepat msa berlalu.. msa begitu pantas bergerakk..

and finally ini lah kawan aku dgn wana. kawan yg betul2 kawan.. dr tempat yg berbeza. kami belajar bersama.. kami makan yg sama.. kami ketawa bersama.. segalanya bersama... Amalina,Syarmaine Izaani, NurAqilah Syafiqah, Hilda Eyzati and Azwana Ericca..

hope we can meet again my dearsss.. i wish u all good luck and always success and happy always okeyy..
and also thanks for my birthday presents from you olls! hehehe.. ill always remember all of you girlsss!

okeyyyy insyaa Allah next ill update about my FLOOR FRIENDS! TINGKAT 4 WING A!!! hehehehe..

NurFarahani binti Zainal


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