I've failed over and over again in my life and that's why i succeed by Michael Jordan

         Michael Jordan is one of the famous basketball player that able to maintan his career. He choose to embrace his failure instead of fearing it and limit his own potential to success. The reason why we had chosen this quote because this is the most inspirational quote that we had discovered together. Our own definition about this quote is it tells us that not everyone will lucky charm. It also tells us that we should not give up to try again and again and keep on trying until we achieve what we want in our life. This quote teaches us that failure is a start of a journey to success, failure is our life’s greatest teacher, do not afraid to be failure but embrace it, believe and have faith in ourselves also we need to rise above other’s expectations, negativity and doubts.

          First lesson that we have gained from this quote is failure is a start of a journey to success. It is because before we succeed, we must first experience failure and learn from our mistakes. It means if we failed, there must be a reasons why we failed that is why we need to think what are the reasons. Maybe our effort is not good enough or we did not take it seriously so what we need to do is we must start a new day. New day or new life does not mean you have to forget your failure instead use and make that failure as your spirit booster because in order to success you must a have something to push you up so you must always remember why you had failed. For example, you can write the  date of the day when you failed and place it on the wall in front of your bed so that when you wake up every morning you will see that date and you will be encourage to overcome that failure. For us, it is proven that failure is assential for a person to become a successful person.

          Failure is a chance for us to begin again more successfully. Our greatest life’s teacher is failure, so we must think positive that failure is consider as a path to be successful. In reality,we can see that people are worried to fail and they do not try to wake from it. In fact, we experience failure since we are kids, when we start to walk, we fall so many times before our first step. We stand up and try to walk again and again until we success. We must admit and and accept our failure and be proud of it. Hence, we should not hide either embrace it. When we failed, we will try and push ourselves to achieve our goal and start to begin a new journey. Besides, we are not defined by our past, but we can be prepared by our past. Each day is our opportunity for us to begin again in with a new perspective. Eventhough we have make mistake in our past, we should remember that everything happens for a reason. Failure is our life’greatest  teacher that teach us to stand up and wake up from failure.

          Based on statistic that going by last year’s SPM results, 23% of the candidates failed English and these 100 000 students will risks completing 11 years of schooling without that final paper qualification. Do these students who failed that paper will failed in their life? What we to do in this situation is to believe and have faith in ourselves because even if we failed in academic does not mean we will fail other field too. As the whole world knows the most powerful thing that we need to be successful is our own mindset. All we need to do is to set our mind that we will be able to success because most of the famous people or motivator stated that everything is possible as long we believe in ourselves. Believe that if will get better at some point and begin making changes in our thoughts and lifestyle. Keeping the right perspective when we faced challenges will help us through the difficult times, in other words we need to remains positive and keep going on trying and struggling no matter what we are going through in our life.

          Adapt to situations that we did not expect and rise above other’s expectation, negatively and doubts are the best way to rope with failure. Most of the time, we might worry about what others think of us moreover when we felt shame whenever we had failed. We allow what other people expectations determine our potential and our happiness. Instead of carrying around the pressure of other’s standard of what we can do or the limitation of our abilities. We just need to focus to be the best version of ourselves because by doing that we will begin to understand more and determine our own abilities. Everything that happen had brought us to what we are today for a reason, we do not have to be perfect but our imperfections make us unique. In addition, we must not take other’s critism seriously because it will make us down so, we can use other’s expectation as our spirit booster and prove them that they are wrong.

          In the summarization of the points above,this quote had brought us that failure is a start of  journey to assential person to approve that they can be a successful person. Failure is the greatest teacher in our life that teaches us that every successful did not mean we never fail once. Also, it is about time not to afraid of failure and embrace it. We should proud of it because it might bring us to success if we constantly trying to push ourselves to be success. Believe and have faith in ourselves that we can success. It does not mean if we always fail we cannot achieve success. To be specific, we need to stay focus on our goals and remains positive by believe that God will replace our failure with a biggest success. We must put more effort and take action to achive it instead of just hoping for the success itself to come for we because it will not happen. Cheer up! Pray and do not give up! 

NurFarahani bt Zainal
Nurul Farhanah bt Abdul Hadi
Noor Ainu Ssafya bt Muhmmad Rusadi

(Unisel, SEM 3B, foundation in TESL)


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