Pembuka Kata !!“Ketahuilah bahawa kesabaran itu akan mengubur aib-aib, ketabahan itu akan menjadi penutup bagi kekeliruan, dan kedermawanan itu adalah pakaian yang besar yang akan menutup semua kekurangan dan cacat."

Saturday, June 29, 2013


S.U.N. Sun! whaat is sun? Sun is the most important sources in our life. An enormous bright yellow circle at the sky. Sun is hot. Sun always make me sweating whole day. it release heat. Sun supply light for us in universe. 

when sun rraise up, i wake up and go to the campus. Heat from sun make me always sweating. my clothes that i wore on that day was wet. it makes me uncomfatble in the class. it makes me smell hard. my confident level decrease. but for me heat from the sun make us to regret the God's creation.

when sun raise up, whole the world bright. it easy for us to do our work daily. we can see it easily. we can see the road busy with car. we can see the fresh of tree. we can see the building. imagine if there is no light? we will uneasy to do our work. we only on the bed. sleeping. sleeping and sleeping.

when i see the sun, my spirit is raise up like the sun. i try to make my day. i wish all days we bright like the sun. i try to make my dreams come true, i going for my class to study. to make me a human that is uses one day like sun.

sun always help me to dry my clothes. sun always help all the tree make their food. so for me sun is like a bright star that useful to human in the earth. Earth is more beautiful with the light from sun. Thanks God for giving us the sun. i am really regretful!

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